Our Story

“Believe in the reality of your dreams”

Beyond The Buzzer is a lifestyle brand for those who believe in the reality of their dreams.
    Our reality began in 2011 when we (Steph & Mack) started beyondthebuzzer.com, which was initially an NBA news website. Why? We were both computer geeks with a love for basketball so launching a website that coincided with social media to cover the game seemed like a fun option.

    It wasn’t long until we started integrating our passion for digital art and design into how we displayed NBA news across our social media accounts, mainly Instagram.  When we realized that our designs were something that resonated with our rapidly growing following, we shifted gears completely from writing news to visualizing it.  Believe it or not, we started out with little knowledge in digital art and everything we’ve done to this point has been self-taught through instinct, determination and perseverance.   If you have a passion, don’t ever ever give up on it. @beyondthebuzzer and our unique sports-related designs, also known as “edits”, have now garnered over 350,000 followers including the 2015 NBA MVP & NBA Champion Stephen Curry, Dwyane Wade, John Wall and many more.  

    As @beyondthebuzzer progressed, so did our knowledge in digital art and the burning desire to utilize our creative vision on something tangible.  After becoming fascinated with a growing trend in customized Nike Elite socks, a light bulb went off and Beyond The Buzzer Socks (BTB Socks) was born.  We had zero knowledge or prior experience in starting a business, but we believed in our craft and were determined. We began by designing socks to match popular basketball sneakers and the response was amazing. There is no greater feeling than someone else showing excitement about a piece of art you set out to create from start to finish. BTB Socks continues to grow and has since expanded to offer a variety of unique, stylish and charismatic designs that bring personality to your feet.  

    It has been extremely rewarding thus far and we are so fortunate to have such loyal fans who we owe a huge THANK YOU to for following and supporting us on this awesome journey.  It’s endlessly inspiring to see so many of our followers succeed at editing and tell us that we played a part in it. We have received so much positive feedback over the past couple of years and it has ignited our creative drive and ultimately led us to the realization that being a source of inspiration for others through channels of art is what we were meant to do.

What started off as casual outlets for a passion of ours quickly grew into much more than editing photos and selling socks.  We have found purpose in growing Beyond The Buzzer into a brand that produces what we hope to be inspirational items for people who have high aspirations because we believe everyone has greatness within them.  If you have a dream, or something you love to do, where you lose sense of time…work at it…every single day, live it, breathe it, become it.  When you set out to do something that you want to do, that is what is going to bring you ultimate joy and success. Don't settle and cast yourself as someone other people think you should be. Success is no accident and pursuing your dreams is not an easy task.  It demands infinite courage, dedication, sacrifice, hard work and a relentless attitude.  If you’re not facing challenges or experiencing failure on a regular basis, then you’re probably doing it wrong.  But if you push through those obstacles, everything you desire and set out to become will be waiting for you on the other side. Anything is attainable if you put in the work, believe in your vision and most importantly, yourself. Hard work is always going to be necessary, the difference is, when you do what you love, you don’t mind the hard work.  #BITROYD



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